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President's Welcome,

As the President of Triangle Muslims/Organization For Youth Leadership & Engagement (OYLE), it is my honor & pleasure to welcome you to this community and the organization. There is a lot that this vibrant community has to offer, some of which is enabled with the efforts of the volunteers within them... Alhamdulillah. 

We offer a number of different programs which are primarily geared towards the youth.  These programs are designed to help them lead the community and engage in the larger society, while still continuing to have fun.  

We are always interested in partnering with individuals &/or organizations that have a similar philosophy. We hope you will join us in our efforts to continue to help make a difference in the society.  


Nuserat Sayyad


Our Philosophy

To enable youth to reach their full potential and have positive, fulfilling lives as productive, caring and responsible citizens.

To provide a safe, positive place for the youth and have a significant impact on their lives.  And to uphold high ethical standards.

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Our History

Dec 2011

Idea conceived by three active members of the community, who wanted a brighter future

Nov 2012

Based on the success of the offering, introduced the second offering - Health & Fitness

Sep 2014

Established Youth Council that will be voted in, by the community members

Feb 2017

Established partnerships with organizations that focus on the youth in the area

Feb 2012

Organization was formed, under the name "Triangle Muslims" and website registered.

Jan 2013

Established a social media presence, based on the resounding success of the two offerings

Sep 2015

501 (c)(3) registration in NC;  as "Organization For

Youth Leadership & Engagement"

May 2018

Introduced yet another program - Arts & Culture based on input from the youth council

May 2012

As part of the portfolio, introduced the first offering - Civic Engagement

Jul 2014

Expanded the Management Team to include two additional leaders in the community

Oct 2016

Based on input from volunteers, introduced yet another program - Career & Education

Dec 2018

Plan to expand the team to include representatives from area non-profit organizations

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