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Greensboro Film Festival - Fri Jun 21 to 23

Pre-Kickoff Meeting Update - Sat - Jun 16 2019

Fri Jun 21

  • 6pm – Entire team meets up at Morrisville Masjid. Asr is at 6:30pm.

  • 7pm – Topic will be known when Br. Arif calls us from Greensboro

  • 8pm – Screen writers to stay back. Maghrib is at ~8:30pm

Sat Jun 22

  • 6am – Deadline for finishing draft script

  • 7am – Finalize script

  • 8am – Shoot day begins. All day Sat activity

  • 8pm – Editor and Producer takes over the recording

Sun Jun 23

  • 8am – Sit in and watch/listen how the editing process evolves

  • 7pm – Sunday evening. Turn in the movie

Tentative Roles

  • (Co) Producer – Beth Roberts/?

  • (Co) Director – Fatima/?

  • (Co) Writer – Fatima/?

  • (Co) Video Editing - Omar Pasha/Hamzah Yousuf

  • (Co) Production Assistant - ?/?

  • (Co) Equipment – Arif (Camera/Boom Mike/etc..)

  • (Co) Location – House/Backyard/Park/Office

  • (Co) Donations – Food/Drinks

Sample Topics From Past

  • Genre – Fish out of water, Romantic Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Drama

  • Prop – Dog Collar, Hairbrush,

  • Line – Paint For Peas

  • Character – Tracy


  • Paperwork will be required for those 18 and over. For minors, guardians will have to sign.

  • Other Future Events - Possibly, depending on the outcome of this one

Next Steps

Announcement Update - Sat - 05/25/2019

This will be a new and exciting project for most of us. So here are some videos to get familiar with it and some how to videos. To sign up, please register here.

Our youth have agreed on a name for our film productions - "Fly High Productions". For more detailed information, please review the following worksheet.

What is the 48 hour Film Festival?

The 48 Hour Film Project is a wild and sleepless weekend in which you and a team make a movie - write, shoot, and edit - in just 48 hours. On Friday night, teams draw a genre from a hat. They are then given a character, prop and line to include in their films. On Sunday night, in a wild dash to the drop off event, the film is turned in - and teams celebrate. The film is then screened at a local theater in front of an audience of filmmakers, friends and families.

Role Descriptions

  • Screenwriters - The screenwriters are in charge of writing the film. After writing the film, they work with the director on re-writes if the script necessitates it.

  • Director - The director is the leading creative artist on a movie set. The director works directly with the actors on their performances and has final creative control on almost every aspect of the the film. The director plays a large role in casting, script revisions, shot composing and even editing. Usually, the director is hired by the producer of the film.

  • Producer - The producer helps organize the entire production. This person helps develop the script into a workable project. They assist with the hiring of actors and key crew members, while keeping track of finances throughout the production. The producer oversees script progress and often assists in creating final distribution plans for the movie.

  • Camera/Cinematography - The person expert in and responsible for capturing or recording-photographing images for a film, through the selection of visual recording devices, camera angles, film stock, lenses, framing, and arrangement of lighting; the chief cinematographer responsible for a movie is called the director of photography.

  • Sound - This person is responsible for properly positioning the microphone boom pole during the actual filming. Many times this person is required to hold the boom pole for several minutes at a time, which can be physically demanding. Sound must also be able to follow the actors movements while staying clear of the camera and lights. This makes it a challenging job for achieving the best possible audio.

  • Editing - The film editor works with the director selecting, assembling, arranging, collating, trimming, structuring, and splicing-joining together many separate camera takes (includes sound also) of exposed footage into a complete, determined sequence of shots - that follows the script. The editor works in a cutting room and the choice of shots has a tremendous influence upon the film's final appearance.

  • Script Supervisor - The script supervisor works closely with the director by taking detailed notes concerning what has been shot, needs to be shot, and also notes any deviations from take to take. He/she also makes sure that the dialogue corresponds with the script. The script supervisor also takes logging notes that are essential in the post production editing process, such as locating shots and finding the best takes. Many times the script supervisor assumes the role of continuity, ensuring the consistency between scenes and shots.

  • Production Assistant - A production assistant usually does any general duty or minor task that the production heads may need. Basic duties may include dispersing walkie-talkies, setting up pop-up tents and tables, running basic errands as needed or attaining any other last-minute item that the production might need.

  • Prop Master - The prop master acquires, organizes, maintains and accounts for all the various props needed for the production. A prop is basically any set decoration piece that can be moved readily easily. This includes many items like guns, knives, books, phones, dish-ware, food, musical instruments, pets or any other item that needs to be present to fulfill the story line.

  • Costume Designer - The costume designer makes decisions on which wardrobes and costumes actors will wear based on the script requirements and character portrayals. Costume designers create or choose various clothing patterns, designs, colors, sizes and accessories for each wardrobe used during production.

Initial Announcement - Mon - 04/01/2019

Greensboro Film Festival - Triangle Muslims is looking to assemble a team for the film festival on June 21 - 23, 2019. Teams will have to make a film in only 48 hours! We are looking for youth and adult volunteers interested in fielding a team to compete.

Team Composition - A typical team consists of writers, director, film crew, actors, and an edit/production team.