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Move The Tassel - Graduation - Jul 2022

Inviting All High School/College/University/Hifdh Graduates & All International Students/Recent Movers To RTP

Alhamdulillaah. Its a very special time. Let the caps fly and the celebrations begin!

Triangle Muslims are extremely happy for you and excited for your next chapter inshaAllah. Maybe you are heading into college or into the workforce. In any case, the future is bright inshaAllah and we wish to celebrate it with you together.

Scope: Celebrate; Build community/personal network; Obtain leads/referrals

Registration: (Free)


  • Meet & Greet (10 mins)

  • Welcome & Introduction (10 mins - HS/College MSA Representative)

  • Guest Speaker (10 mins - Imam/Duke/UNC/NCSU Chaplain)

  • Felicitation of Celebrities (45 mins)

  • Introduce International/Recent Movers to RTP (10 mins)

  • Pizza & Refreshments (10 mins)

  • Networking - Pay It Forward - Books/Papers/Resumes (5 mins)

  • Networking - Connect via LinkedIn (5 mins)

  • Networking - Share Potential Job/Volunteer Opportunities (5 mins)

  • Closing (5 mins)

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