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Move The Tassle 2019

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

...Calling All High School/College/University Graduates...

...Calling All International/Out of State Students Who Have Moved Into The Triangle...

...Self Nominate/Nominate Friends/Relatives You Know...

Alhamdulilaah. Its a very special time. Let the caps fly and the celebrations begin! Triangle Muslims are extremely happy for you and excited for your next chapter inshaAllah. Maybe you are heading into college or into the workforce. In any case, the future is bright inshaAllah and we wish to celebrate it with you together.

On Sun 22nd of Sep, the Triangle Muslims would like to recognize and congratulate members of the community who are graduating from high school/undergraduate/graduate universities. In addition, this will be an opportunity for you to network w/ Muslim professionals, exchange business cards and get leads/referrals for future opportunities.

When: Sun 22nd Sep (tentative)

Where: TBD

Scope: Recognize and congratulate; Build network; Obtain leads/referrals

Sign Up/Register/Nominate


  • Meet & Greet (15 mins)

  • Welcome & Introduction (10 mins - Jr. HS/College Male Ex: Aadil/Khizr/Nabeel)

  • Keynote Speech & Topics (10 mins - Imam Abu Taleb)

  • Recognition and felicitation of grads (HS/College/Undergrad/Grad/Doctorate)

  • Introduce Professional Panelists (15 mins - Jr. HS/College Female Ex: ?

  • Introduce International/Out of State students who have moved into the area

  • Networking & Refreshments (15 mins)

  • Career Forum (60 mins - Pharmacy/Healthcare/Law/Education/Finance/Tech...)

  • Pay It Forward (15 mins)

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