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Triangle Muslims Youth March Madness Challenge

Announcement Mon 03/18/2019

As you know, basketball in the Triangle region is inescapable. And to top it, its time for March Madness.

If you are interested, join the fun, and submit your brackets.(max of 3)

May the luckiest participant win the grand prize! God speed.

Link to ioin the 'Triangle Muslims Youth March Madness Challenge' group

Update Wed 03/20/2019

Please submit your brackets (max 3) before the deadline, Thu Mar 21.

General Rules - The objective is to accumulate the most points by correctly selecting the "winning pick" for each of the sixty-three (63) match-ups associated with the Tournament.

Scoring - A correct pick in a given round is shown below:

  • Round 1: 10 points per pick, Round 2: 20 points per pick,

  • Round 3: 40 points per pick, Round 4: 80 points per pick,

  • Round 5: 160 points per pick, Championship: 320 points per pick

Lock-time - All picks will lock at the scheduled tip off time of the Tournament currently scheduled for Thursday, March 21, 2019


  • The winner will win bragging rights AND a 50% registration fee waiver at Deah Barakat Youth Basketball 2019

  • The runner-up will win a virtual trip to a place of their choice anywhere in the world AND a 25% registration fee discount at Deah Barakat Youth Basketball 2019

Results Mon 04/08/2019

Thanks for your participation in the first Triangle Muslims Youth March Madness Bracket Challenge.

The tournament this year did not have UNC/Duke in the finals, despite them being the #1 seed, which was not so good. But the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Tournament was so fun and so full of surprises, as expected.

In any case, we do have some rewards to give away to the following individual bracket owners...

  • First runner up was 'duke university, judostar70' who scored a total of 860 points

  • Second runner up was 'akhan0513, Aarizkhan' who scored a total of 770 points

  • Third runner up was 'zIoN, Shayaan Nazeer' who score a total of 700 points

Kudos to these individuals, who did put some thought and effort, and will receive a 25% discount at Deah Barakat Youth Basketball 2019 iA. Remember to claim it iA.


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