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My Muslim Neighbor

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Updated Announcement - June 15 2019

MA, we at Triangle Muslims, believe that this is a fantastic initiative. And would like to congratulate you for thinking about this, and being persistent through the years.

A few of the youth from "Triangle Muslims" had taken this up. And reached out to the neighbors. Sharing some of their experiences that they narrated and pics that tell different stories. (Some folks didnt want to take pics, which was understandable.)

  • Some neighbors remembered this "My Muslim Neighbor" project from the past years. Youth felt at ease

  • One American who converted last year mentioned that it was his first Ramadhan mA. Didnt know until this effort. Youth were happy to know

  • One neighbor got emotional, and had tears, with such a gesture, saying neighbors "usually dont care". Youth were surprised

  • One neighbor wished that they did the same for Christian holidays. Youth were impressed

  • Another neighbor is a Chinese Muslim. Youth were unaware

  • One neighbor had moved from NJ a year ago (originally from Turkey). And didnt know that they were other Muslims in the neighborhood until this project. Youth made new friends.

  • Now he wants his kids to do this project together with our youth next year. And do an iftaar/eid get together of Muslims in the neighborhood.

  • Another neighbor, felt obligated and gave the youth a bag of apples in return. Youth were not sure of how to react

  • Another invited the youth to their ongoing birthday party. Youth enjoyed some cake

  • Distributed gifts at Davis Drive Elementary School among the staff, who were delighted

Overall, the experiences were really good. The youth learned to lead/partner/learn/make new friends. Sharing some pics herewith. Many thanks to Nurain Khan, Aariz Khan and Omar Khan, who were key in successfully driving this project.


Initial Announcement - May 01 2019


The Triangle Muslims, as in the past few years, will continue to iA partner w/ 'My Muslim Neighbor' team to support this program.

The program is for Muslims to develop positive relationships with non-Muslim neighbors, work towards fulfilling the rights of our neighbors, and help change misperceptions about Muslims.

The implementation is very simple...

  1. Print Our Gift Postcard

  2. Buy or Make A Gift

  3. Give it to a neighbor

Visit for more details.