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Community Picnic/Eid Celebrations - Jordan Lake

Its the blessed month of Hajj.  The 12th month of the Hijri calendar.  May Allah keep the Hujjaj safe and accept their Hajj iA.  And may He accept our ibadaat during these, very special, first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah.   Eid iA will be on Tue Aug 21st.  We look forward to celebrating it with the community and the returning Hujjaj on Sat Aug 25th iA.  Please register EARLY so that we can manage the logistics.  And make it a memorable one for all.

   Sat Aug 25 - Triangle Muslims Community Potluck Picnic Triangle Muslims primarily focuses on the youth.  But this is an occasion, where we invite the entire community, to get to know each other and the organization and its volunteers. As always, this is an all-day event at Jordan Lake.  Additionally, its a special ocassion of Eid ul Azha and hence, more reason to celebrate.  Together.  And that's not it... We would like to welcome the returning Hujjaj as well.  Registration is now open.  

  • Why: Celebrate Eid and welcome the returning Hujjaj

  • When: Saturday August 25th, 2018 1:00PM till 6:00PM

  • Where: Jordan Lake Ebenezer Church Recreation Area Picnic Shelter # 8

  • How: Potluck, Bring one dish

  • Food: Sandwiches, finger foods, appetizers/snacks & desserts 

  • Fees: Nominal $15 per family

  • Evite: Register To Attend

Please register EARLY so that we can manage the logistics.  And make it a memorable one for all.  

Did-You-Know Tidbits

  • Of the 195 countries in the world, 165 are represented at the Hajj this year.  Alhamdulilaah!  And the largest delegations are from Indonesia and Pakistan.

  • Fazlur Rahman Khan was the structural engineer who designed the Sears/Willis Tower & John Hancock Center in Chicago.  He also designed the Hajj Terminal in Jeddah and the US Air Force Academy in Colorado.

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