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Soccer - May 2017

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

Youth Soccer - May 2017

Tournament Memories/Pics

Satisfaction Survey

Final Update - The tournament was a lot of fun. IA, with the help of some additional volunteers, we may be able to offer it for the high school boys and girls as well, in the future. Until then, enjoy some memories.

Update For Sat 05/20 - The tournament has been fun thus far. The finale will be held on 05/20. The finale session starts sharp at 2:30pm iA, as always.


Elementary/Beginner Level Games (2:30pm - 3:30pm)

Game 1: Lagars vs. Gyrs ; Game 2: Peregrines vs. Sakers

Middle School/Intermediate Level Games (3:30pm - 4:30pm)

Championship Game: Peregrines vs. Sakers ; Consolation Game: Gyrs vs. Lagars


- Beginner Level teams will play from 2:30pm - 3:30pm

- Intermediate Level teams will play from 3:30pm - 4:30pm

- We have a zero tolerance policy as it pertains to language and behavior

- Wear the proper equipment, including shin guards for your own safety

- Parents/Guardians should stay throughout the session

- Stay indoors or near the courts at all times, for your own safety

Update For Sat 05/13 - Playoffs Weekend

Update For Sat 04/29 - Season Games

Update For Sat 04/22 - We are excited that the practice games will get underway iA. There will be two divisions. Elementary School and Middle School. Each division will be comprised of 4 teams.

Teams - The first draft of the teams has been published. This is subject to change, after the practice session today, to ensure that the teams are balanced.

Volunteers - We will have Coaches (Positive Reinforcement), Referees (Fair Play), Non-Playing Captains (Substituting & Strategy), Time Keepers (8-Min Quarters) and Score Keepers. If you are interested in any of the roles, please connect w/ Br. Arif Khan at the facility.

Format & Gear - We will be focusing on drills for the first 15 mins, which will then be followed up with a scrimmage/practice game today. It will be comprised of 4 quarters of 8-mins each. Please be at the facility by 2:15pm. We shall be going over the logistics, team composition, and rules. Also, ensure that you/your loved one, is geared up for soccer. (shin guards, indoor soccer shoes, water).

Note: Soccer shoes (w/ spikes) will not be allowed. Regular athletic shoes are fine.

Update For Sat 04/15 - Revised Schedule

Fri 4/14 - 6:30PM - Intro session (XL Soccer - Mini Court)

Sat 4/15 - 2:30PM - Easter Weekend (Facility Closed)

Sat 4/22 - 2:30PM - Team Composition & Practice Games

Sat 4/29 - 2:30PM - Season Games Weekend #1

Sat 5/06 - 2:30PM - Season Games Weekend #2

Sat 5/13 - 2:30PM - Season Games Weekend #3

Sat 5/20 - 2:30PM - Playoff Games and Championship Weekend


- No soccer cleats are allowed.

- Regular athletic or indoor soccer shoes are required (Sample)

- Each player should be wearing shin guards (Sample) to prevent injuries

- Each player should bring bottled water (write name) and stay hydrated

- The games will be either 4 x 4 or 5 x 5 format, based on the age group

- Elementary schoolers WILL NOT have a goal keeper.

- Middle/High Schoolers WILL have a goal keeper

- Bring your own soccer ball, to practice/warm up in the mini-court

- 15 min. warm ups and drills. 30-45 mins of game time (running clock)

- Parents/Guardians are required to stay throughout the session

- Be on your best behavior at all times. Zero tolerance for indiscipline

- Cheer the players on, encourage and motivate them

- Get to know other members of the community

- See some of the exceptional talent within our community

Triangle Muslims Soccer Announcement

Triangle Muslims is proud to present the 2017 Soccer Tournament. It is open ONLY to the elementary and middle school boys and ALL girls (elementary/middle/high schoolers). The entire tournament will last a few (6-7) weekends. The registration fees will be between $25 - $35 depending on whether an individual registers early or not.

Players - Registration

Early Bird Registration Fees - $25 (Deadline Sat 8th Apr)

Regular Registration Fees - $30 (Deadline Sat 15th Apr)