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Triangle Muslims Soccer - Feb/Mar 2023

Updated: Jan 23

Initial Announcement

Triangle Muslims is proud to present the Triangle Muslims 2023 Soccer Tournament. It is open to youth of all age groups (school/college/early professionals). The entire tournament will last a few (7-8) weekends. The registration fees will be between $50 - $75 depending on whether an individual registers early or not.

Players - Registration

Early Bird Registration Fees - $50 (Deadline Sat 11th Feb)

Regular Registration Fees - $60 (Deadline Sat 18th Feb)

Late Registration (Door/Site Registration) - $75 (Deadline Sat 25th Feb)

Coaches and Volunteers - Interest Form

(Need help with logistics, team selection, composition, schedule, ...)

Indoor Soccer Venue

Brier Creek Community Center Multi-Purpose Fields


Fri 2/24 - 6:00PM - Intro session after Maghrib (Islamic Center of Morrisville)

Sat 2/25 - 2:30PM - Scrimmages (Ibaad Ur Rahman Masjid - Parkwood)

Sun 2/26 - 2:30PM - Scrimmages (Ibaad Ur Rahman Masjid - Parkwood)

Sat 3/1 Team Composition & Practice Games (Ibaad Ur Rahman Masjid - Parkwood)

Sat 3/4 - 2:30PM - Practice Weekend #1

Sat 3/11 - 2:30PM - Practice Weekend #2

Sat 3/18 - 2:30PM - Practice Weekend #3

--- Break For Holy Month of Ramadhan ---

Sat 4/29 - 2:30PM - Season Games Weekend #1

Sat 5/6 - 2:30PM - Season Games Weekend #2

Sat 5/13 - 2:30PM - Season Games Weekend #3

Sat 5/20 - 2:30PM - Season Games Weekend #4

Sat 5/27 - 2:30PM - Season Games Weekend #5

Divisions and Schedule:

Elementary/Middle or Beginner Level Games (2:30pm - 3:30pm)

Middle/High School or Intermediate Level Games (3:30pm - 4:30pm)

High School/College/Adult or Advanced Level Games (4:30pm - 5:30pm)

We are excited to get the draft and practice games will get underway iA. The season will begin after Ramadhan iA. We will have three divisions Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced. Each division will be comprised of 4 teams.

Teams - The composition of the teams will be published after the draft. This is subject to change, after the practice/scrimmage sessions, to ensure that the teams are balanced.

Volunteers - We will have Coaches (Positive Reinforcement), Referees (Fair Play), Non-Playing Captains (Substituting & Strategy), Time Keepers (10-Min Quarters) and Score Keepers. If you are interested in any of the roles, please connect w/ Br. Arif Khan at the facility.

Format & Gear - Please be at the facility by 2:15pm. We shall be going over the logistics, team composition, and rules. Also, ensure that you/your loved one, is geared up for soccer. (shin guards, indoor soccer shoes, water).

Note: Soccer shoes (w/ spikes) will not be allowed. Regular athletic shoes are fine.


- No soccer cleats are allowed.

- Regular athletic or indoor soccer shoes are required

- Each player should be wearing shin guards to prevent injuries

- Each player should bring bottled water (write name) and stay hydrated

- The games will be either 7 x 7 or 11 x 11 format, based on the age group

- Beginners league WILL NOT have a goal keeper.

- Bring your own soccer ball, to practice/warm up in the mini-court

- 15 min. warm ups and drills. 40-45 mins of game time (running clock)

- Parents/Guardians are required to stay throughout the session

- Be on your best behavior at all times. Zero tolerance for indiscipline

- Cheer the players on, encourage and motivate them

- Get to know other members of the community

- See some of the exceptional talent within our community


- We have a zero tolerance policy as it pertains to language and behavior

- Wear the proper equipment, including shin guards for your own safety

- Parents/Guardians should stay throughout the session

- Stay indoors or near the courts at all times, for your own safety