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Triangle Muslims Youth Business Expo 2019

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Update 08/17/2019

Update 07/19/2019

If you have questions, please visit the FAQ page.

Update 07/18/2019

Update 07/13/2019

Registrations are now full. And only being accepted, for vendors who want to be on the wait-list. Registration Now Accepted For Wait List

Update 07/04/2019

Happy 4th everyone. Here are the list of owners and their businesses that have been confirmed.

If you have questions, please visit the FAQ page.


Initial Announcement 06/24/2019

Triangle Muslims is proud to present the first ever "Youth Business Expo 2019". It will be the first of its kind, and is a unique approach to growing and supporting youth entrepreneurship. The initiative focuses on connecting with and helping young entrepreneurs access and become familiar with essential business development tools, resources, and mentoring focused on developing critical business skills at an earlier age.

The expo will include activity stations that provide entrepreneurship opportunities for youth - to lead projects with help from adult volunteers and interactive games/fun. Youth will get to set up stalls, and sell goods or services. All profits are kept by the youth!

The youth will be provided the necessary guidance by experienced professionals iA.


Youth Committee, Islamic Center of Morrisville, NC


Registration Deadline - Sat 13th July

Registration Fee: $15

Registration Form


(Completed) Interest Meeting - Sat 29th June - 2pm - 4pm

Registration Deadline - Sat 13th July

Formal Presentation - Sat 13th July - 2pm - 4pm

Email Reminder - Sat 20th July

Expo Event - Sat 27th July

Training Topics

  • Ideas, Business Plan & Feasibility (Speakers: TBD)

  • Legal Considerations, Contracting and Partnership (Speakers: TBD)

  • Marketing and Promotion (Speakers: TBD)

  • Startup Costs, Financing, Pricing and Profit (Speakers: TBD)

  • Placement & Differentiation (Speakers: TBD)

  • Sustainability (Speakers: TBD)


  • Vendors will have their own page on the Triangle Muslims website as a means of advertising, and help will be provided in making the page

  • Vendor's goods and services will be advertised throughout the Triangle Muslim's social medias like facebook, twitter, instagram, etc


  • Falcons Elite Basketball - Triangle Muslims is a platform for Falcons Elite Basketball. This program was launched by youth leaders

  • In this program, a select set of individuals were identified and were coached to play AAU Basketball and compete at the next level. We would encourage more such products and services to be launched through this initiative


  • Must be ages 05 years - 25 years

  • Willing to interact with adult volunteers

  • Enthusiastic and dependable

  • Fill out the Activity Stations Participation Application online in a timely manner


  • Carefully read all pre-expo correspondence

  • Discuss Youth Expo and various project-related activities

  • Keep the Activity Station neat and clean

  • Report suggestions/challenges to the Activity Station Coordinator

  • Activity Station activities are open to the public from 12 pm – 8 pm