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Youth Business Expo - Steps & FAQ


Submit the interest form, with high level details of what kind of business are you thinking of starting up/running?


Develop the high level business plan.  Use this business plan template


Attend an info session, to better understand the rules, logistics, environment.  Refer to sample (one product and one service) business start-ups for reference (Falcon Ridge Bakery; Falcons Elite Basketball)


Register the business, pay the booth/vendor fees


Build your product inventory/Develop service logistics and details.  Refine your business plan using the template provided previously.


Attend an info session, targeted only for the registered vendors.  Share all details, and get your questions answered


Setup your booth/shop prior to the expo kicking off

  • Owner should be between 5 - 25 years of age (Youth Expo)

  • Owner will learn how to start-up/run a for-profit company

  • Owner will keep all the proceeds from the sales

  • Owner can have a partner (same age restrictions)

  • Owner is required the pay the dues prior to the deadline
  • Owner is required to abide by all the rules

  • Competition is likely, but 'Triangle Muslims' will limit the number of vendors providing the same product/service


  • Sell water, low-sugar drinks and healthy snacks

  • Junior Landscapist

  • Collect & Recycle Bottles, Cans and Electronics

  • Social Media Consultant (SEO)

  • Used Textbooks/Learning Material

  • Tutoring

  • Tech Handyman

  • English Language Trainer

  • Local Tour Operator

  • Memorabilia Maker For Local Schools/Sports

  • Custom Curtains

  • Event Planning

  • Graphic Designing

  • Transcriptionist

  • Drone Operator

  • Smartphone Backup & Repair

  • Personal Fitness Instructor

  • Food Truck

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